Electrical energy distribution and transmission companies compete in markets which require reliable and safe services in compliance with the highest quality standards. To avoid service interruptions, many companies have adopted the duplication of the installed energy capacity in each transformer station. This solution may pose unacceptably financial costs, therefore the main challenges for electrical energy Catalog of WEG parts and pieces with inventory for immediate delivery companies management in the 21st Century are the quality of investment decisions and capital costs optimization.

As energy distribution businesses represent high capital investments, electrical transformers inventory should be particularly optimized without neglecting growth and avoiding unexpected events which might lead to economic penalties from regulatory authorities or, even worse, client’s moral penalties. In this context, Tadeo Czerweny S.A. Has developed an Engineering Department dedicated to propose concrete project solutions to clients, seeking to minimize capital costs: the Mobile Transformation Stations (MTE).

The integration of MTEs, strategically placed in the client’s electrical energy supply region, considerably reduces capital investments and maintenance costs. A customized MTE design also allows for this compact equipment to be at the desired location within three to four after unexpected event notification.