A modern concept, perfect for 4.0 industrial projects: dynamic, fast and sustainable.

Modular and metallic electrical rooms built, factory tested and shipped to the installation site. Custom-made according to clients’ needs, compliant with the applicable standards and optimizing usable space. Produced with technologies which assure proper robustness to supply the equipment service demands for decades. Designed and developed to promote optimal performance, the entire e-house is equipped with protection devices, grounding, energized terminals isolation and standardized signaling, as per NR 10 and NR 22 requirements.

Building advantages:

» Factory assembly and testing to assure quality and reliability;
» Equipment is installed in their definitive placement in factory;
» Improved thermal and acoustic insulation;
» Precise building;
» Flexible and modular construction and project;
» Expandable: One additional module may be added on-site;
» Stackable: Modules can be overlaid;

» Flexible: Allows changes to the project during construction;
» Mobility: It can be transported to other locations;
» Materials and labor rationalization:
» Lower lead time, 30 to 40% lower than conventional supply;
» Lower need of human resources during filed assembly.
» Less and simpler civil work activities.

Technical characteristics:

» Welding inspection by independent institutes;
» IP55 degree protection;
» Positive pressure in the air conditioning system and special sealing;
» Walls with fire protection;
» Removable walls for future expansions;
» Provisional columns, exclusively for transportation;
» Designed to house low and medium voltage equipment; (MT/BT/INV/CCM, PLC, UPS, HVAC, CFTV switchgears etc);

» Standardized modules built for road transportation;
» Supplied with platform, ladders, access port for operators/escape route and a passage port for equipment;
» May be supplied with the following internal measures;
» Width: 2 to 5 m;
» Length: 3m, 6m, 12m, 18m or 20m;
» Total height: 3,4m (3m ground flood and inferior cable compartment with 0,4m).

Energetic efficiency:

» E-house walls are made of polyurethane, which offers 70 times more insulation than concrete;
» Use of polyurethane on ceiling and beneath the flooring, assuring complete insulation;
» Dramatic reduction of heat transmission from external surroundings, leading to a 20% energy saving in the air conditioning system;

Vapor barrier:

» The e-house is a hermetically sealed metallic structure, making it an excellent vapor barrier;
» saving of the energy which would be necessary to withdraw humidity from the environment if there were vapor entrance.

Tax advantages:

» ICMS for the equipment deployed in production is returned in 48 monthly installments;
» Return of PIS and COFINS in tax credits;
» the e-house tax classification has a 0% IPI: 9406.00.92;

» All internal components then receive the same rate;
» E-houses are not subject to taxations like IPTU or ITR;
» E-houses may be leased through FINAME because it accounts on nationalization indexes higher than 60% in weight and value, which assures the best interest rates in the market.


» Because their installation takes a very short time, they have excellent cost-benefit and may be easily adapted to any situation.


» Oil & Gas
» Mining
» Solar

» Pulp & Paper
» Naval
» Cement